I’m in hopes that people are inspired to feed their soul, find their passion and live life to its fullest.”

Welcome everyone to my foodie blog. My name is Patricia pronounced Pat-reesia, as my parents call me. I was born and raised in Michigan my whole life. My great grandfather came to the united states from Lebanon in hopes of starting a new life here. I’m the oldest of 33 grandchildren, single mother of 4 beautiful children and eldest child in my family. Food has always been important in my home. I learned my recipes from my grandmother and parents.I learned how to cook by feel, sight and smell.

Our family gatherings were exciting and loud. It always revolved around food. There was always some competition amongst my aunts on who makes the best grape leaves or hummus. At times we would have 4 different plates of hummus because they each thought theirs was the best. In reality they are all great, we all just loved to cook.

My passion for food stayed with me and as I had children I believed I owed it to them to give them the same experience I had growing up. Having a home cooked meal was important for me as I hope it becomes important for them as they grow up and venture into this world.

Cooking became more than just a passion and more of a mission. In 2016 I was diagnosed with Cancer and I thought my life was over. I was going to chemotherapy, stopped work, and became so tired that I just stayed in bed all day. My motivation for life disappeared. I was put on a strict diet eliminating all my fresh vegetables and fruit. No sugar was allowed in my body. My meals became more bland and I hated it .I got so sick of the same meals every day. I began to create recipes one day at a time that fit into my meal restrictions.

It was a beautiful thing as I look back at it. I would pick a dish to make and my father would gather the ingrediants. Instead of getting out of bed at noon, I found myself up before my children were off to school. I would begin to prep the meal, chopping the vegetables, making the dough, sautéing the meat….It would take me hours to complete a dish because I would have to stop in between due to my weakness in my hands, but I kept going.

Cooking made me forget I had cancer and by forgetting I had cancer, I began to beat it. My mind was consumed with what I was going to make the next day, motivating me to get out of bed. Cooking saved my life.

With this blog, I’m in hopes that people are inspired to feed their soul, find their passion and live life to its fullest.

— P.D.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.

— Mark Twain